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If you like this tool - consider supporting us. With the early access programm, you receive access to all upcoming features in UFLT.
You actively support and participate in the development. We are working hard on making this tool as good as we can, and we need your support for that.

To participate, navigate to:https://www.010102.de/buy

Registration bug fixed

A bug has been fixed where the registration would fail in some cases silently and login would not be possible. If your login attemps failed please register again.

AC / ACC Support

Starting with version 3.9 the UFLT Client adds support for AC and ACC . Currently supported sims: RRE, PCARS2, AC, ACC

Track position added

Telemetry will show the position on track now. Hover over the telemetry chart to see the referring position on track for the recorded data.

Telemetry added

Telemetry will be avaliable for past 3 valid laps. In order to access the telemetry charts you need to click on the chart symbol on the right side of the screen on the page. Recording frequency is 10Hz.

Private Mode added

The "Private Mode" option has been added. You can enable it in your profile on the Homepage. When activated your laps are private and not displayed to the public.

Session start fixed

A bug has been fixed, where sessions would not be started correctly and laptimes went missing.

Data submission improved

A bug has been fixed, laps would not be submitted correctly if session was restarted.

Client version 2.0 released!

New client requires users to create an account. This makes your laptimes even more secure and llows you to change your displayed username.
In order to register, hit the register button. Your previous laptimes will be assigned to the new user automatically.